Your Beautiful Life Photography is all about what truly inspires you.  When I'm not capturing beautiful images of amazing couples tying the knot, I'm tying a few knots of my own. For those those that know me, they understand my obsession with ties. From neckties to bow ties, stripes, solids, and even polka-dots, I've worn them all and LOVE every minute of it.

Though I've worn a lot of ties over the years, I noticed recently that I've only tied them a few ways. So to give myself a little challenge, I'll be taking on a new knot style each week.

Today's knot is the TRINITY KNOT, a triangular 3-way symmetrical beauty. It is named after, and based on, the trinity knot from Celtic culture. SWEET!


I learned about the Trinity Knot from necktie knot fetishist, Alex Kransny. Check out his instructional video here and stay tuned for next week's challenge.