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Our goal at Your Beautiful Life Photography is to impact the world by showcasing unapologetically passionate, lively, and vibrant relationships. We accomplish this by photographing you in the act of doing something you love. Whatever your passion, it's all about documenting the moments that are uniquely beautiful to YOU.

Meet Michael


Michael D. Henry
Owner & Lead Photographer

I proposed to my fiance while she was making sandwiches in our kitchen.

While her hands were covered with peanut-butter and jelly, jittery words of romance fell out of my mouth until I finally found the words that I meant to say all along; "Will you marry me?" No beach sunset proposal. No name on the jumbo-tron. No ring in a cupcake. Simply a beautiful moment that changed our lives. (Btw, she said YES).

The moral of the story is that life is all about the moments that are beautiful to you. If you're spontaneous, laugh louder than you should, and go out of your way to make those around you smile, you're the perfect client for me.

It's time to capture Your Beautiful Life.